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Thursday 4th July 201919:30Churches Together Prayer Meeting
At Datchet Baptist Church
Friday 5th July 201909:30Pickles
Saturday 6th July 201908:00Prayer meeting
12:30Datchet Village Fete
The church will have its usual marquee at the village fete
Sunday 7th July 201910:30Morning Worship
Friday 12th July 201909:30Pickles
Saturday 13th July 201908:00Prayer meeting
Sunday 14th July 201910:30Morning Worship
18:30Evening Worship
A quiet reflect ive evening service in the style of Northumbria Community
Friday 19th July 201909:30Pickles
Saturday 20th July 201908:00Prayer meeting
Sunday 21st July 201910:30Morning Worship
Saturday 27th July 201908:00Prayer meeting
Sunday 28th July 201910:30Morning Worship
18:30Evening Communion
A quiet reflective communion service
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